5th European Conference on Clinical Research

February 10-11, 2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


During the Conference it will be discussing and scrutinizing “Science, Technology and Regulations Coming Together for Better Patients’ Health”.

The primary objective of the Conference is to ensure that all attendees are brought fully up to date with the current key topics in Science, Technology and Regulations and how each of these can contribute to improving patients’ health. Our world is changing so rapidly and to such large extent that it is difficult to keep up with all changes around us: drug and medical device development require competences to cope with a continuously changing environment – always focussing on the ultimate goal: the benefit for the patient.

Our industry has always been at the forefront of technology and, with the increasing introduction of e-Systems and technological solutions to clinical research, it will continue to enhance our efficiencies in data capture and delivery. Continued innovation is the key to clinical research and, therefore, will be one of the major themes of our conference programme.
At this Conference, we set out to bring patients to the fore and increase their involvement in our discussions as, ultimately, they are an integral part to everything we do and are the focus of our success.


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