3PEGASE project: for the prevention of loss of independence in the elderly

(Français) 2015 - 2018

In December 2015, a consortium of Midi-Pyrenees launched the 3PEGASE project, focusing on elderly people with loss of autonomy. The end of the project is scheduled for July 2018.

As part of the EasyNov call for projects of the Regional Council of Midi-Pyrenees, the Gerontopôle of the University Hospital of Toulouse, the Institute in Computer Research of Toulouse, Orange, Telegrafik, Telemedicine Technologies and Serena have joined forces within a consortium to implement the 3Pegase project (Predefined Platform for Older People and ASsistancE) . The objective of this project was to develop a system to prevent the loss of autonomy and follow-up of frail elderly people using sensors placed directly in patients’ homes.
Two and a half years after its launch, the consortium members have just signed the end of the 3PEGASE project and report a very positive first assessment that allows to consider the realization of a larger clinical study.

This project, considered as the most successful of the “technological” projects led by the Gerontopole of Toulouse in recent years, is indeed ready for a wider deployment. Patients who felt safe with the system, the project demonstrated the reliability of the end-to-end platform, from sensor data processing at home to remote support.
The success of this clinical study makes it possible to envisage in the coming months the realization of a larger cohort (in terms of number of patients included and duration of the project) in order to demonstrate the medico-economic relevance of the system.

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