Press Release: Telemedicine Technologies and Telegrafik Partnership

December 2018, Boulogne Billancourt


Telemedicine Technologies SAS, a provider of collaborative e-health platforms, announces its collaboration with Telegrafik, a specialist in connected solutions for diagnosing and monitoring patients at the point of care.


Boulogne, October 2018

Increased connectivity, widespread access to mobile solutions, IoT, big data, Artificial Intelligence and service virtualization are revolutionizing the eHealth and Clinical Research industry in particular. In this highly competitive environment where innovation plays a key role, Telemedicine Technologies has created the TECH-Alliance: an ecosystem including a number of suppliers selected for the quality and innovative relevance of their products and services, to offer integrated and modular solutions based on its e-health collaborative platforms and tailored to the requirements of any type of project.

Today, Telemedicine Technologies is pleased to welcome Toulouse’s “Young Innovative Company” Telegrafik, winner of the 2017 BPI France Digital Innovation Contest and creator of the OTONO-ME alert system, an innovative alert and monitoring service dedicated to Elderly in their homes.

After a successful first collaboration in the framework of the 3PEGASE project for the prevention of loss of autonomy and the monitoring of elderly people at home, Telemedicine Technologies and Telegrafik have decided to formalize their partnership under the TECH Alliance: Telegrafik’s sensor actimetry and predictive analytics software platform is now part of the modular offerings of Telemedicine Technologies’ CleanWEB solution.

Through this partnership, Telegrafik makes available its unique know-how in the field of sensor data processing and predictive algorithm generation for Clinical Research through the CleanWEB platform.

About Telegrafik

Telegrafik offers connected home-keeping services for frail people and patients Telegrafik has been awarded numerous awards since its creation in 2013. It is the winner of the 2017 BPI France Digital Innovation Contest.

Thanks to a fundraising of more than one million euros in January 2017, it launched on the market an innovative telemonitoring offer, Otono-me.

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About Telemedicine Technologies

Telemedicine Technologies is a provider of collaborative e-Health solutions. Its CleanWEB solution is a secure internet platform dedicated to the electronic management of clinical studies and patient registries, with a leading position in Clinical Research. Telemedicine Technologies also delivers solutions including connected devices for the provision and evaluation of tele-monitoring, teleconsultation and telediagnosis services with a 24/7 medical call center.

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Contact: Laure Touvet, Communication Manager, Telemedicine Technologies


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