Partnership “Innovation Booster”
Digital transformation is a strategic challenge for all players in the healthcare sector, offering many opportunities.

You want to drive a digital transformation project, create a new integrated care solution or an innovative software medical device. Mastering the project achievment deadline is important and you believe that a technological partner can guide you to success.

The Innovation Booster partnership meets these demands. The Innovation Booster adapt to your project while brings you a mastered frame to merge in a personal way multiple fators: the kwow how of a multidisciplinar expert team, the agility of an innovative company, the power of its network( Tech Alliance ans CRO Alliance), its software development abilities. The company provides you also information system validation, quality management and interoperability issues, standards knowledge and proficiency of clinical reserach regulatory, Its hosting facilities approved for health data monitoring, adapted intellectual property management schemes, a training program and skills transfer guaranteeing ultimately the project internalisation.

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Software development and integration

This the core of our business and our know how. Our teams guide you to create the collaborative softaware that meets entirely your demand. Our perfect knowledge of health care, technologies (connected objects, expert systems, interoperability …) and regulatory environment are the essential bases for building a large-scale project. Our perfect knowledge of validation and quality assurance methods, and our skills and tools dedicated to the Clinical and epidemiological research, allow us to offer you the best guarantees of success. We provide an agile development mode facilitating interactions while optimizing the involvement of your teams.

Take advantage of our Research and Development skills

A high rate of innovation is an essential factor in competitiveness, this the reason why we are developping constantly an important innovation program. Labeled as an innovative company by the MEDICEN pole, our participation in the AEROSPACE VALLEY pole, our active participation in the work of AFCRO or EUCROF in the field of new technologies testifies to our expertise. As part of the LabPack, we put our innovation capacity in the service of your project.

Validation and Quality

The collaborative information systems in the health field have to meet strict requirements in term of validation and quality. Both our team in charge of quality assurance and information system validation and our regulatory experts guarantee you the success of your project.

HDS Accredited Hosting

We can make available to your project the most suitable means of secure hosting. Our standardized processes for deploying and administering hosting platforms, our control of logical security, our secure HDS web hosting platform are available to your project if needed. Alternatively, we can guide you to set up your own hosting facilities and set up the most appropriate deployment and administration process.

Skills transfer – Intellectual property

We propose to our Innovation Partners skills transfer services. These services depend on the Intellectual Property management model retained. With our team of lawyers, we can study and set up the intellectual property management system that perfectly matches your expectations

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