Launch of the Ebola Response Program – PRCE

September 2017

Vue d’ensemble

Further to an international call for tender published in 2016, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Ivory Coast has chosen the consortium led by Telemedicine Technologies (TTSA) for the implementation of its Response Programme Against Ebola.
This choice has validated the partnership strategy concluded with the company CLS (Collect Localization by Satellite), creating de facto an industry cluster of excellence of companies related to CNES, to deliver first-class solutions in the area of space applications for health.
This programme consists in deploying throughout the country (450 data collection sites) an information system for epidemiological surveillance, alert and response.
This first significant deployment of the epiSat solution developed by TTSA on the base of its solutions for clinical and epidemiological research represents a key step in TTSA’s deployment plan in Africa. The implementation of this information system for epidemiological surveillance is monitored by numerous African countries, particularly in the context the REDISSE programme supported by WHO and the World Bank.

1st Official Working Group for Epidemic Surveillance in Côte d’Ivoire!

The first meeting of the Ebola Response Program was held on Wednesday, 06 September, at the Ebola program Headoffice, which belongs to the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene in Abidjan.
This working session, led by Dr Camille Medjigbodo, representative of Telemedicine Technologies and head of the Franco-Ivorian industrial consortium, brought together companies CLS and Micronet, an Ivorian company specializing in data warehousing. The PRCE procurement officers at the Ministry of Health also participated in the meeting, such as the DIS interlocutors (Department of Health Information), and the INHP (National Institute of Public Hygiene) Informatics Directorate.
This first working session made it possible, in particular, to review the sequencing of the program deployment in Côte d’Ivoire, the first step being the completion of a situation audit led in several health districts.


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