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The law on the modernisation of our health system once again raises the question of the organisation of care in France and of a real, tangible medical pathway for patients. We need to stop thinking in terms of sectors: city care, hospital care, medico-social care, etc. Today, a care pathway is understood to mean comprehensive, structured and continuous care for patients, as close to home as possible. This requires a fairly major change in our health system to bring together prevention, care, medico-social and even social follow-up.
A hospital is made up of departments with complementary activities, working on a just-in-time basis, with constantly changing priorities.
Planning, rationalising and standardising patient care is possible through medical protocols.
VisionHM is composed of a powerful editor allowing the computerisation of patient management protocols.
The medical protocols are then used as a decision engine for the allocation of appointments.

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The issue of coordination of care pathways

  • Plannification
  • Patient pathway
  • Town-Hospital Platform

Artificial Intelligence

  • For the planning and execution of stays and Patient Pathways

VisionHM offers all the tools to reflect the reality of the field in the planning and operation of the services of a hospital or of all the establishments of a GHT

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  UniHa purchasing centre

  • Telemedicine Technologies is referenced in the procedure M_2056, concerning the management of the patient journey
  • The scope of this public contract concerns Lot 9: Software solution for analysing and optimising medical activity and care paths with associated support servicesPatient Pathway
  • Marché établi pour le compte des hôpitaux et des GHT


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