The power of an international network.

Telemedicine Technologies brings together an international network of CROs around its CleanWEB solution (EDC, IWRS, ePRO, eCOA, eTMF, CTMS, CDMS …).

Conduct your international studies. The use of the same technological platform makes it possible to standardize the data collection processes on all the countries covered by the CRO-Alliance, while benefiting from the perfect knowledge of the environment specific to each country in which the CRO-Alliance members operate.

CleanWEB, an innovative and fully validated solution that enables CRO-Alliance customers to respond safely to the new challenges of clinical research: centralized monitoring, real life testing and compliance monitoring, epidemiological registers, implementation Patient Support Programs (PSP) …

The Tech Alliance ecosystemCleanWEB provides CRO-Alliance customers with a unique set of innovative, optional, previously selected, integrated and validated technological devices: studies with mobile ePRO and / or connected medical devices (eCOA).

A common quality management system. Alliance members benefit from the same training and skills transfer program from Telemedicine Technologies, guaranteeing the perfect control of the technological platform and a common quality management system (performance indicators, Standard operating procedures, level of service commitments, internal audit system, etc.).

A unique shop: whatever the size of the clinical study (geographical coverage, scope of services required), the CRO-Alliance is able to offer a single contact point to facilitate the contractual management of your project while providing guarantees And Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

CleanWEB Academy :a unique and exclusive framework for CRO-Alliance members to share knowledge on new market expectations, updates to the CleanWEB platform and its “TECH-Alliance” extensions, Continuous improvement of the quality and services supply.

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The CRO-Alliance partners


Bluecompanion ltd, is a SME specialized in Clinical Trials, Regulatory Science and large partnerships in Multidisciplinary Projects. It operates in the UK and in the EU countries, as well in the US.

Since 2015 Bluecompanion is collaborating with SPRINTT, an IMI funded integrated clinical project in geriatrics (scientific and regulatory strategy); and more recently with SARA, a Biophytis sponsored development program in age-related sarcopenia (integrated digital platform and devices).

“We believe Patient’s friendly interfaces and adapted devices are key for successful innovative methodologies in clinical research.”

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NEXTCRO is a UK based Contract Research Organisation (CRO) with offices and operations in Greece and Turkey.

NEXTCRO proposes high quality solutions to its customers in adapting the new European legislation, offering risk management and remote monitoring, meeting high sponsor’s expectations, fast start-up timelines and agreeing on KPIs with customers, having dedicated teams and sharing all necessary information with customers’ teams regarding the territory.

NEXTCRO’s team combines international experience with local expertise and geographical presence. Our highly skilled team offers plug and play solutions as soon as a new study includes sites in Greece and Turkey.

We think and do it different: we will be sharing our vision, values and working practices to secure efficient and successful delivery.

NEXTCRO is your next clinical trials partner in Greece and Turkey.

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POPSICUBE is an international CRO with offices in France, the USA and China, as well as a global network of selected local CRO partners to manage global projects.

POPSICUBE offers clinical services combining first class quality requirements with cost efficiency for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Medtechs, Biotechs, Diagnostic, lVet Pharma, Cosmetics and Dietary supplements companies.

POPSICUBE can cover the whole value chain of clinical development, from the joint definition of the strategy up to the regulatory approval.

Agile and innovative solutions

Relying on many years of experience within large Pharmaceutical Laboratories and CROs, POPSICUBE allies in-depth knowledge of research and clinical development with a unique know-how of IT tools, to create proven benefits for your clinical projects. POPSIPEN© is a unique digital pen and paper solution specially designed for clinical research.

More than 120 customers, including 6 in the top 10 pharma and 2 in the top 5 CROs, have chosen POPSICUBE for their clinical projects.

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My Data Trust
Fournisseur de services en protection des données (RGPD) pour l’industrie Life Science

La protection des données n’est plus seulement une question de conformité ou de sécurité. Celle-ci est devenue un sujet stratégique au niveau du conseil d’administration depuis que des changements importants dans la législation de l’Union Européenne ont été annoncés (nouvelle RGPD).
L’objectif de MyData-TRUST est de soutenir l’industrie des sciences de la vie dans l’optimisation de leur conformité à la protection des données. MyData-TRUST est composée d’une équipe multidisciplinaire comprenant des avocats spécialistes de la confidentialité des données, des spécialistes de la sécurité informatique et des experts du domaine pharmaceutique.
L’offre MyData-TRUST s’articule autour :
– De services de conseils professionnels pour évaluer la conformité des activités de traitement des données existantes et nouvelles et pour établir un plan d’actions correctives
– De solutions pour garantir la confidentialité des patients et la conformité à la réglementation dans l’amélioration et la rationalisation des activités de conduite de procédures critiques

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PharmaSich is a local CRO headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We see our mission in supporting international pharmaceutical and medical devices companies, and assisting them to gain most advantage of their clinical operations in Ukraine and other Eastern European markets.
With the variety of services we provide we assist our customers to gain most advantage of their business activities in the Eastern European markets.
PharmaSich is your reliable clinical research partner in Eastern Europe – we always exceed expectations!

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