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Tailor-made telemedicine solutions
Teleconsultation – Expertise – Home monitoring

Poseidon is a modular solution that merges all the different telemedicine use cases. It consists of a market selection of connected medical sensors, a configurable mobile app, a raw Data Hub, an interoperability module allowing the interface with a plurality of systems (HIS, teleassistance platform, clinical research IS, medical call center, expert system – learning machine) and a module of teleconsultation files management. This module provides a ready to use turnkey solution..

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Connected medical device

Integrated and certified device :

  • Glucometer
  • Oximeter
  • Thermometer
  • ECG – Electro-cardiogram
  • Tensiometer
  • Echograph
  • Actimeter
  • Scale …

Mobile App

Fully customizable, it includes a module to communicate with connected device. The generated measures can be displayed on screens and/or send through the clinical Data Hub server. The same App can be easily adapted to be used in the patient support’s program.

Telemedicine terminals

The mobile App can be used either on tabletts or smartphones, and combined with a selection of connected device, to create a perfectly certified telemedicine terminal, in line with your project needs.

Our 24/7 medical call center uses the Poseidon turnkey solution to provide a teleconsultation service to more than 500 ships in the world.

For that service, we combined the mobile app for Android tablet, the raw data hub, and the management module of teleconsultation files to create a turnkey solution. This module is available to the on-call doctors from the medical call center.

Each boat is fitted with a telemedicine terminal, (merchant navy, crew, ferry boat), including a dongle Wifi tablet equipped with the mobile app (communication pass through the satellitar device), a glucometer, an oximeter, a blood pressure cuff, an digital ECG, a thermometer and troponin tests.

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PEGASE project (Plateforme de PrEvention pour Personnes aGées et ASsistancE).


Population ageing is a major societal stake : the number of senior citizens should increase by 80% within 2035.

The aim of the project is to develop and settle an integrated system to follow up patients kept at home while losing their autonomy, and to reinforce predictive ability in the name of “risk prevention”. The predictive abilities are carried out with a group of sensors positioned by ORANGE at the patients home, and then analysed by the TELEGRAFIK’s machin learning

Telemedicine Technologies provides the Clinical Data HUB module of Poseidon as an interoperable module between the various under-systems. With this module, alerts can be sent toward the Inter Mutuelles Assistance – Serena platform of teleassistance platform, and toward the CleanWeb solution of clinical trial.

The efficiency of this innovativ e-health system is assessed by a clinical study carried out by the Gerontopole of the Toulouse Teaching Hospital.

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