TTSA strengthens partnership with GETAID

September 2017


Founded in 1983, the Group for the Therapeutic Study of Inflammatory Diseases of the Digestive Tube (GETAID) is an Association Law 1901 which brings together French, Belgian and Swiss academic centers specialized in the management of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis .
The aim of all the investigators of this group is to be able to conduct, as a promoter, clinical research in these inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract.

Le partenariat de Telemedicine Technologies avec le GETAID

TTSA has been a GETAID partner since 2012 and has just signed a contract with this group to provide a second dedicated CleanWEB platform. This second platform is benefiting from the new healthcare accredited hosting offer (HHD – Hosting Health Data) launched in early 2017. By the end of the year, a new module called “centralized re-reading of video endoscopic sequences “, fully integrated with CleanWEB will be added to this platform.
This module will be used in a first clinical study that should start before the end of the year. In this study, endoscopic colon sequences will be re-screened centrally by experts to develop new methods for diagnosis and follow-up of these diseases.


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